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Bible Based Network Turning Point Ministries Host Julian Miller

Campaign Bahamas Challenging the Homosexual Agenda

Mission Objective: Engage, Inform, Warn & Prepare Bahamians for their Appropriate Response to the Activist Homosexual Agenda.

We had great success in warning the Bahamian public about the dangers of the Pro Gay Agenda in The Bahamas. Bump Me Up Ministries made it clear that God expects every citizen in The Bahamas to take a stance by carrying forth the message with a Bumper Sticker. Our Radio & Tv Broadcasts unveiled the strategy of activists to brainwash our citizens using the international media. Hopefully our nation can now discern fact from fiction; and are ready to minister in love whilst standing together for righteousness.

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  • Paul Miller & Julian Miller - BBN Bible Based Network - Bahamas Turning Point Ministries - HOST July 4, 2014 Broadcast airing of Radio

    FIRST BROADCAST - AUDIO EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION to 102.3 FM. The topic of debate being the gradual endemic change within the Bahamian society as it relates to the Globalized Media's consistent manipulation and constant bombardment of the minds of impressionable youth. The level of influence being exerted onto the Bahmian society, due to our close relationship and proximity to the US and mass media consumption. The soundcloud clip below is an exact rebroadcast on demand for the listeners select edification.

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    July 24, 2014 Broadcast airing of the Darold Miller Live Show discussing the topic of The Bahamas impending Constitutional Referendum change regarding issues of equality in gender, in the process of conferring citizenship, on spouses of Bahamian female citizens.

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